Latest General Knowledge Questions With Answers in English 2023

General Knowledge Questions with answers in english

We have collected general knowledge questions with answers in English from the Latest Past Papers of the government job exams held in Pakistan. Government job seekers prepare general knowledge MCQs for Competitive exams.

Thousands of books are available in the market. Still, it is difficult to find relevant general knowledge questions with answers in English which are repeatedly asked in exams.

General Knowledge MCQs with Answers

Due to complex MCQs in previous papers on PPSC. Students feel too much worried about the right answer. Even general knowledge questions with answers websites have some mistakes which is really stressful.

We have GOOD NEWS for all aspiring candidates Keep in mind the reasons for the failure of hundreds of students in PPSC. We are providing you with authentic general knowledge questions with answers in English.

These one-liner general knowledge questions are compiled through previous PPSC Competition exams and will help you in your general knowledge MCQs preparation online.

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General Knowledge One Liner for PPSC

  • Bering strait separates Russia and Europe
  • Koh e Judi is in Turkey
  • Ahmed Khan Kharal belongs to Jhamra
  • Which is a starch-digesting enzyme? Amylase
  • Another name of Vit. C? Ascorbic Acid
  • The average weight of the human heart 300gm
  • Attan is the traditional dance of Pashtun
  • 16 feathers in the shutter lock of the badminton game.
  • First slave of Muslims: Hazrat Zaid bin Harris
  • In word processing, what do I beam facilitate? Highlighting text
  • The longest mountain range Andes is in South America
  • Cleveland Dam is built on the Capilano River in Canada
  • Formosa is the old name of Taiwan
  • How many times, has Pakistan become the Olympic champion in hockey? Three
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was French
  • Tea can be cultivated on hill slopes
  • The total number of great lakes in the world is 5
  • The people of Oman are linked with which profession Agriculture
  • Largest Sugarcane producing district Faisalabad
  • “Beyond the Last Mountain.” Pakistan’s first English film was produced in 1977
  • Russia covers which percentage of the world’s land surface? 1/8th
  • Who was the first Muslim to be born in Medinah after Hijrah? Abdullah ibn e Zubair
  • Who among the following recited the Holy Quran to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit
  • Which Sahabi name is mentioned in Holy Quran? Hazrat Zaid bin Harith
  • Horseshoe Bay is in Canada
  • Milk has naturally occurring sugar named Lactose
  • Chop Shot is a backhand shot in Table Tennis
  • Badminton made its debut as a demonstration sport at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich.
  • The blood in the human body is approximately 7% of total body weight.
  • Which governor general dissolved the first constituent assembly of Pakistan? Ghulam Muhammad
  • Zakat and Usher Ordinance promulgated in 1980
  • Aswan Dam was built on which of the following rivers? Nile
  • The speed of the Line Printer is measured in Lines per minute
  • Al Jazeera is the news channel in Qatar
  • Bretton Woods Conference in 1945
  • In for a penny, In for a Pound
  • He went in the direction of the police station.
  • Synonym of Despair Misery
  • Karo Mehrbani tum ahl e zameen per
  • Khuda mehrban hoga arsh.e.bareen per Altaf Hussain Hali
  • Who first use Zero? Barhamgupta
  • A wise man profits from his experience.
  •  Notre Dame Cathedral located in Paris
  • Education center during Abbasid Caliphate? Baghdad
  • Buddha was primarily interested in the elimination of Suffering 
  • Rabbi, (Hebrew: “my teacher” or “my master”) in Judaism, is a person qualified by academic studies of the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud to act as a spiritual leader and religious teacher of a Jewish community or congregation
  • The Novel, “Frienknistan” written by Mary Shelley
  • Faisal Mosque of Pakistan completed in 1986
  • Govt. of Pakistan named Islamabad as its capital on Feb 24, 1960
  • The famous Book, “Idea of Pakistan.” is written by Stephen Cohen
  • Lahore Resolution was presented by A.K. Fazul Haq
  • In Allahabad Address, Allama Iqbal suggested the separation of which area for Pakistan North-West India
  • Usain bolt belongs to Jamaica
  • Adree Agassi is a famous player of Tennis
  • Synonym of Conspicuous: Discernible
  • Synonym of Beseech: Implore, beg
  • Punctuation is used for Convention
  • “Want to “ is an Infinitive Mood
  • The Punjabi language is spoken by how many Pakistani 48%
  • Makran acceded to Pakistan on 17 March 1948
  • Which Necropolis of Pakistan has been declared a Heritage site of UNESCO? Makli
  • Mount Ararat is located in Turkey
  • Great Sphinx located in Giza
  • Sudirman Range is located in Indonesia
  • Tawaf e Ziarat is Farz
  • “Hadith is a talk which may be brief or elaborated.” Technically Hadith means the narration of the sayings, doings, or approvals (Taqrir) of Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • 3rd world countries term coined during Cold War
  • Dar ul Aloom was started by Qasim Nanoutvi
  • Ancient Olympic games started in 776 BC
  • The Von Thunen Model of Agriculture was founded in 1826
  • Indian Act of 1919 extended the tenure of the Legislative council
  • Umer Khayam issued Jalali Calender
  • Which of the following is the Action Button in MS Powerpoint? Home
  • Zero was first used by which Muslim Scientist? Al Khwarizmi
  •  The page setup dialogue box does not contain a Page Break Preview
  • The default language of MS Word is USA English
  • Similar relationship……… Diet:Weight::Drug:Pain
  • Who received Noble Prize for Literature in 2016? Bob Dylan
  • Fill in the blanks, “Are there any Apples in the kitchen.”
  • Complete the sentence: “Much of what he said was very sensible.”
  • Following the combination of keys is used to maximize or restore a selected window: Ctrl+F10
  •   Complete sentence:” Please close the window as there is a draught.”
  • Airbus is aircraft manufacturing company in France
  • In MS Excel pressing Shift+Space will result in One row of the worksheet
  • The keyboard shortcut Shift + spacebar selects the entire row containing the active cell. Full list of Excel shortcuts
  • Misbah ul Haq completed its 50 test matches in November 2016.
  • Scotland Yard is the headquarter of the London Metropolitan Police
  • Agatha Christie is famous for writing mystery stories
  • The Synonym of Valiant is Brave
  • A small change in demand can lead to large price rises.
  • Synonym of Tacit: Implicit 
  • Rows in MS Excel are labeled as 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Correct Punctuation: I can’t live in the house, it is damp.
  • The Antonym of Exodus is Homecoming
  • When you insert a comment in MS Word, it appears as Balloon
  • Speed of laserjet printer measured by Page per minute
  • Perimeter of rhombus= 2(l+b)
  • Synonym of Implicate is to Involve
  • Choose the correct Antonym of  Oblivion is Awareness.
  • The correct meaning of Limpid is “Clear”
  • Taurus Mountain is a mountain complex located in Turkey
  • The city of Aleppo located in Syria

How Speed of the laserjet printer is measured?

We measure the speed of the laserjet Printer by counting pages per minute.

In which Country Taurus Mountains are located?

Taurus Mountains are located in Turkey

Which Birthday of Quaid e Azam was celebrated in 2022?

Pakistan celebrated 146th birthday of Quaid e Azam on 26 December, 2022.

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